Minggu, 28 Mei 2017

Dewa Athena

       On a sunny morning, we all 10th grade gathered in the field of Bali to follow the activities of the god athena. Dewa athena is an inter-class competition. The race is also like gobak sodor, futsal, badminton, handball, volley, basket, run relay, tug of war. I'm waiting for my classmates who come. Finally they come too and we are all ready to follow the race. First, our class follows the tug of war against the IPA 6 class. At the first round we lose because at the time of our draw is not compact. In the second round we immediately pulled with compact and IPA 6 was overwhelmed so we can win. In the third round was equally IPA 6 overwhelmed so we can win and match and won by our class. Our next class will be against IPA 1 in the tug of war game. After that, we rest first because it makes us tired enough. The committee called our class to compete again against IPA 1. At the time against IPA 1 we were overwhelmed so we lost an absolute. After that we rested.

       The next day we play futsal. First we play against IPA 5, we are all excited and in the end we win. After that, we played against IPS 1 we were all overwhelmed while playing against IPS 1. And finally we lost. After that, we played badminton. At the first moment we win, but ultimately we lose because one of our players is injured. But our daughter's class badminton advanced to the final. We all encourage them all because we want the badminton category to win. But by the time the 2nd set of classes we were lost due to fatigue. And finally the match was won by the acceleration class. After that, we played gobak sodor. We lost absolutely to gobak sodor because we lack players. The next day we were playing volleyball. We lost at the time of volleyball because in our class no one can play volleyball. After that, we played basketball. We played against IPA 5, when we competed against IPA 5 we won, but in the match against IPA 2 we lost because it was exhausted. After that, we competed in a relay race. By the time the first round we have lost and can not continue the match again.

         Our class did not win anything. But we are all happy because this activity is a refreshing for us. And also cultivate a healthy competing attitude. Body even so healthy because at the time the activities of dewa athena exercise continues. Hopefully this activity will continue and be more fun.

Paman Gober

         On April 8 SMAN 3 Bandung held a Paman Gober event. We have to borrow a bicycle first which has been provided by the committee. After that, we gathered in Bali field. Lots of people who participated in this Paman Gober event. From grade 10 to class 11 all participate. At that moment I woke up late so I was left behind. I just looked at the route and I wondered where they were going. After that, I immediately went on a bicycle and really I guess they just finished planting crops. I just joined them. I met my classmates and I told him about my delay. After that, I immediately caught up with my friends because I wanted to be in the front row. I met Diaz, Abay, Papoy. We all along the way tell stories and talk. Suddenly Abay's bike chain came off and we had to stop. After the bike chain is repaired, we go straight to the front row again. At Jalan Buah batu we wait for the back row because it is left far behind. After everything is complete we continue the journey again. We go to BKR road and turn to Jalan Achmad Yani. From Ahcmad Yani Road we turn again to Jalan Kosambi. After that we arrived at SMAN 3, we immediately returned the borrowed bicycle. Being hungry, I bought food first and I rested at the bazzar. After that, I went to the field of bali because my class is a match and I encourage them all.

            After my class competed, I chatted with my friends first and told them about Paman Gober event. All my friends enjoy Paman Gober event and they want to have such an event again even though the show made us tired. After chatting and telling stories, I came home because it was already late afternoon. On the road so jammed that I got home late at night. After I got home, I showered and went to sleep

Senin, 27 Februari 2017

Crossword Puzzle

1). A particular or indefinite amount of anything
3). A non-human animal, especially large, four-footed animal.
5). Anything done or to be done
6). Used to carry things, often we bring to school.
9). Objective cas of “I”
10). Chemical symbol of copper.
11). 3 + 3 = ….
13). Series
16). An artificial underground conduit, for carrying off waste water.
19). A person demanded by the police.
20). A baked food having a filling of fruit, meat, etc. Prepared in a pastry-lined pan.
22). Synonym of lube.
23). The expression of glad feeling.
24). Food that’s made of egg dough, has a thin and long texture.
26). Antonym of smooth.

1). An adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something.
2) A horselike animal that has a characteristic pattern of black stripes on a whitish background.
4) … and culture (school subject)
6) To strike violently or forcefully and repeatedly.
7) Queue.
12) Could be used as a weapon or a tool to chop and hew.
14)Eat, often formally.
15). Formal expression of opinion or choice.
17). Big mammal that lives in the sea.
18). The credit standing of a person or firm.
21). State of feeling at particular time.
23). Prison.
25). An animal that looks like a chicken, but spent most of their time in the water.
26). Drive or control a bike or horse.
27). Similar to walk but faster.

Senin, 13 Februari 2017


Nature in broadest sense, is the natural, physical, or material world or universe. There are types of natural that is ecosystems, organism, biotic, abiotic. There is a component in the ecosystem biotic, abiotic, and organisms. So that ecosystems into a single unified. There are also benefits of nature for our daily lives that is as a source of energy and fuel, to fulfill human needs, as technology development, to support economic activity.
Nature has always helped us in our daily lives, nature also continues to love us until now because nature continues to provide fresh air, provide shade, and provide coolness. But we can only damage it and cause natural disasters for ourselves. Natural disasters that frequently threatened us that flooding and erosion. It could be described our treatment to nature. We were just littering, cutting down forests carelessly even after that we did not fix rather we make it worse so that natural disasters happen everywhere.
We must be able to make a resolution to this problem. So nature back into a beautiful, constantly radiates beauty, continues to provide fresh air, and continue to provide coolness. The resolution is that we must increase the Go Green program, reforestation, dispose of waste in place. We must continue to maintain a natural, if there is no natural human cannot live. God created human as vicegerent on earth and not be a destroyer to the earth.

Change before the change will force you

Senin, 06 Februari 2017

Makna lagu menuju senja

Payung Teduh - Menuju Senja

Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga kenangan sukma 
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

Bersama hati yang terluka, tertusuk pilu
Menganga luka itu di antara senyum
Dan menapaki jejak kenangan di sore yang gelap ditutupi awan
Bersama setangkup bunga cerita yang kian merambat di dinding penantian
Ada yang mati saat itu dalam kerinduan yang tak terobati

Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga kenangan sukma
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

Baru saja kuberanjak beberapa saat sebelum itu
Ada yang mati menunggu sore menuju senja, bersama...

Harum mawar di taman
Menusuk hingga kenangan sukma
Dan menjadi tumpuan rindu cinta bersama
Di sore itu menuju senja

You can see the video in this link below https://youtu.be/cGCkoWZjcBo

This song  tells about a man who's really missing his loved one. He really misses the way he and his girlfriend use to be. He really waits for the arrival of his girlfriend, but never comes. Which made him died of missing her. The man rather bury his memories deep from unanswered lost and his love no longer has a meaning. He and his girlfriend together end their love and buried it just a memory with the reek of dawn.

Jumat, 13 Januari 2017

My Holiday to Jakarta
          On 6th January 2017, my family and I went to Jakarta. We went to Jakarta at 15.15 PM and used travel. My Mom and I waited for my sister in the waiting room because my brother has an event in her university, so she came late to the travel place. After waited a few minutes she came and we came in to the travel bus.
          In our way to Jakarta there was some traffic jam and it took 1 hour. At 17.45 PM we took our time to rest, pray, and bought some food and drinks. After 10 minutes we continue our way to Jakarta and there was no traffic jam so we can arrive at Jakarta even faster. We arrive in Jakarta at 21.00 PM and it was raining, and my father had waited for us at the where travel was stopped. After that we walked to my father’s boarding house, in Jakarta although rain was still hot. After we arrive at my father’s boarding house, we straightly took a bath and pray Isya. We feel hungry, so we look out for buy some food for us. In Jakarta the food is very delicious, cheap, and had a big portion. And then we went back to my father’s boarding house and slept.

          The next day we went to Dufan, we went at 08.00 AM from my father’s boarding house used Grab. It took 1 hour to Dufan because my father’s boarding house is located in the south Jakarta and Dufan at north Jakarta. We arrived at Dufan at 09.00 AM and still close. At 09.30 AM Dufan open and we straightly bought tickets for us, we bought regular tickets because the premium tickets is too expensive. After that we came in to Dufan, we straight played Kora-Kora it was very fun and passable make us tired. After that we played Kicir-Kicir or Bianglala it was very fun, we can see Jakarta from the top and it was very beautiful. And then we played ontang-anting, it was makes me dizzy because such as swing, but we are twisted around with a very tight. After that we played pontang-panting, it makes me dizzy and afraid because we twisted around and the distance between each other is very close so as to be bumping into each other. And then we played alap-alap, shaped like a Ufo and it was makes me dizzy and afraid. After that we played Halilintar, it's rollercoaster but in Dufan named Halilintar, the first rollercoaster was slow and uphill immediately higher after the rollercoaster down quickly so I could not open my eyes, after going down we rotate 360 degrees, uphill again, and finally spun again. This game only takes 1 minute because a rollercoaster going fast.

             Before going home we ate first, because we were very hungry. After the meal we return wearing Grab ( Taxi online ) fortunately on the road is not jammed so we only 30 minutes to return to the boarding house of my father. We arrive at 7 PM and we immediately pray Isya, after that we recounted about plaing in Dufan. Playind in Dufan very stressful but cool. Yhe next day we returned to Bandung at 10 AM wears the train and it takes 2 hours. Having arrived at the Bandung station we came home wearing Grab, after I got home we immediately pray and sleep.

Senin, 07 November 2016

Biography of Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez
Marc Márquez Alentà (born 17 February 1993) is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle road racer and three-time Motogp world champion. Márquez races for Honda's factory team since his MotoGP debut in 2013. He is one of four riders to have won world championship titles in three different categories, after Mike Hailwood, Phil Read and Valentino Rossi.
Márquez won the 125cc World Championship in 2010, the Moto2 World Championsip in 2012, and in 2013, 2014, 2016 won the MotoGP World Championship.

125cc World Championship

Marc Marquez made his debut in the championship on 13 April 2008 125cc, in GP Portugal at the age of 15 years 56 days. He is the youngest Spanish rider who won the pole position and podium in the MotoGP championship event.

Márquez achieved his first podium on 22 June 2008 at the British Gran Prix. For 2009, he was a factory KTM rider with Ganesh Varrier, and in the French Grand Prix achieved his first pole position at the age of 16 years and 89 days. In 2010, he also took pole for the Spanish Grand Prix but the exhaust pipe fell off on the opening lap and went under the rear wheel, causing Márquez to crash and injure his shoulder. His first win was on 6 June 2010 at Mugello. Further victories at Silverstone, Assen, and Catalunya in the next three races made Márquez the youngest rider to win four successive races. Marquez is in fourth position in the final race of the Valencia Grand Prix in 2010 and making it the second-youngest world champion after Loris Capirossi.

Moto2 World Championship

Márquez moved to the Moto2 class in 2011 as a single rider of the new team Monlau Competición, which is managed by his own personal manager Emilio Alzamora. Márquez started the 2011 season with a pair of accidents GP Qatar in 2011 and GP Spain in 2011, after a clash with Jules Cluzel. He finished 21st in Portugal, before taking his first victory in the class Moto2 at the French Grand Prix. In the 2012 season, Marquez certainly last in the Moto2 class. Marquez won his world title in the 2012 season after successfully dominate the season.


In 2013 he certainly will defend the Repsol Honda team with Dani Pedrosa for the years 2013 through 2015 with an option contract extension in 2016 replacing Casey Stoner, who retired at the end of 2012. In his first season in MotoGP, Márquez has won 6 races, 6 podium finishes second, and the third podium four times enough for him to become world champion in 2013. In 2014, Márquez prowess proved by winning 13 of 18 races, along with 13 pole position. With the victory, Márquez can lock his world title at Motegi, Japan. Unfortunately Márquez can't defend his world title in 2015. In 2016, he changed the style of racing. And proven, consistency can bring Márquez won the third world champion title. By winning five races, 3 podiums second and third podium three times, Márquez can lock his world title at Motegi, Japan.